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heart for women

We are all someone’s son or daughter. We all have a mother. We have sisters, female cousins, friends, colleagues. Some of us have daughters of our own. We all live in a community and we have all seen that our community is unwell. Our people are in crisis and our women are suffering. 


In Australia, One in 3 women have been sexually abused at least once in their lifetime.


One in 6 women will experience an eating disorder.


One in 100 young women have been hospitalized from seriously self harming.


One in 3 women will experience anxiety in their lifetime.


One in 5 women will experience depression.


The statistics are staggering, these problems can seem insurmountable, but solution starts with One. At Exchange Foundation we work to create solutions for each woman as an individual. We assist each of our clients recovery from trauma, addiction and a range of mental health challenges, through programs and tools designed to restore healthy foundations. Transformation is about starting fresh, building a new foundation, changing the future and creating a new legacy of Hope.

At Exchange Foundation we believe by helping the individual, we affect the entire community. From women and their children, to partners, to marriages, to culture. To this end, we are committed to partner with organisations and individuals who are working in this space of mental wellness and ending community suffering. We partner to fundraise for organisations and projects and we also are committed to find and refer our clients to the best service for them. Together we can make a difference!


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