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At Exchange Foundation we help women with anxiety, depression, mental illnesses and any behavioural or thought pattern that is causing significant impairment or distress to personal functioning. We are passionate about seeing women reach their potential and overcome. We work with women from many different backgrounds, including those who are survivors of trauma, abuse, and domestic violence.


HAVE YOU EVER been at a point in life where you felt trapped or stuck with no way out, nowhere to go, no ideas about what next? It can be so overwhelming and confusing not knowing the next step, or if there are any options at all.


The good news is that there is Hope - at Exchange foundation we are here to help manage the overwhelm by creating individualised pathways to recovery for our clients.

WE OFFER a case managed non residential program, that delivers a holistic plan addressing body, soul, and spirit and is tailored to each individual client. With a network of qualified medical, nutrition, counselling, Christian pastoral and mentoring professionals, we provide a central point of contact to manage each clients journey and we create a supportive, compassionate, family-like atmosphere in which this is delivered.

We provide practical tools for everyday life and face to face support, with compassionate encouragement throughout the journey. Most importantly, we also connect our clients with supportive friends and groups to encourage them as they work toward recovery.

WE PARTNER with professionals, organisations and individuals in the community to fundraise and to deliver solutions for the cause of mental health and community stability. Together we can make a difference!


individual program structure


Are you interested in participating in our 1-1 program? If your answer is YES, this is how it works:


Our program is holistically tailored to each individuals needs. We will take you through an application process and if successful we will work with you for 3-6 months, depending on your needs, and support you throughout the process.

The program involves mentoring support, social support, healthcare through a GP and other medical professionals. We start by taking an in depth case history and from there we work with you to create a wellness pathway that is right for you.

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